Home Made 16GB USB Memory Sticks


I have a broken Ipod Touch 16GB 1st Gen, since it is broken right after the warranty and Apple wont repair or RMA it, i decided to savage the Flash for greater use.

Q: what’s broken in the Ipod Touch?

A: The some connector circuit’s components fall off, and since is a nano-footprint i don’t have the proper equipment to do SSM. (Surface Soldering Mount)


Now the project:

2 X Samsung K9MCG08U5M-P TSOP1 4G x 8 Bit = 8GB Flash chip each.

1 X Old school SanDisk 128MB USB Sticks

Components 100_3057
128MB SanDisk USB Flash
Ipod Touch 16GB 1st Gen Logic Board
128MB SanDisk USB Flash (Front)
De-soldered 8GB *2 Flash
128MB SanDisk USB Flash (Back)
Expected finish products


*Problem, i can’t find the Datasheet for the original SanDisk Flash (SDTNGAHE0), but that won’t stop me, i will just use my trusty oscilloscope to determined the pin-out.







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