Home Made Tablet Revisit


Sometime during the end of June the corner of my resistive touch screen got cracked, i finally got a replacement from china, and  made few alteration to the system as well:

Problem occurring with the replacement:

1) when i replace the touch screen i did not secure it properly as result it slowly sliding down, as result of that, i constantly has to recalibrate, initally i blamed on the replacement screen….

2) the new replacement controller seems to be memory limited, as my resolution is set at 1680*1050, instead of stander 1280*800, some of the end points seems to forget itself


stander 1280*800 =

tabcal lincal novalidate XGridPts=5,259,513,767,1021,1275 YGridPts=5,163,321,479,637,795

my 1680*1080 =

tabcal lincal novalidate XGridPts=5,339,673,1007,1341,1675 YGridPts=5,213,421,629,837,1045 

as you see the problem occur at the last few point, they also take additional bits.


Whats improved?

after beating around i was able to install HID driver instead of the stander pointer diver, this provided me a much better tablet experience



also i add Microsoft Origami pack, it works very nicely with my tablet, i will update more photos later