Touch System MK-II (Hydra)


Total hours spent: 35-40 Hours

This project consist of ALL broken parts (e-waste)

1 X LG 17” Flatron LCD Monitor
—-(intermittent power cycle problem and can’t find signal)
1 X Acer Aspire 3040 Laptop base
—-(Water damage, wont power ON)
1 X Acer Aspire 5100 Laptop Webcam
1 X Lenovo 3000 1.3Mpixel Webcam
1 X AMD Turion X2 2.0Ghz
1 X Broadcom Bluetooth 2430 EDR2.0+
2 X Kingston 2GB PC-5400 SoDIMM
1 X Fuji 12mm Height 250GB 4200rpm Notebook SATA HDD
1 X Atheros AR5008 Mini-Pciexpress N card
1 X 15.4” Samsung 1280*800 LCD Panel
1 X 15.4” Resistive Touch Panel
1 X 17” Resistive Touch Panel
2 X Serial Touch Controller
1 X Dlink 7 Ports USB Hub
1 X Microsoft MCE Remote with Receiver
1 X Dollar Store 3 Sockets Power Bar
2 X home made high gain Antenna
? X Scrap Aluminum Metal Sheets
? X Industrial Velcro Strips


What took the longest was fixing the Acer Laptop, in addition to 9 Hours of trying to figure out the internal signal; especially Acer did not follows the USB stander.

Stander USB Signal:
+VCC (Red)
-Data (White)
+Data (Green)
GND (Black)

+Data (Brown)
+VCC (Black)
-Data (Orange)
GND (Red)

Also, Acer internal USB signal only providing +3.3V instead of +5V


The Acer Laptop provide 3 external USB Jack, while ATI RS480+SB400 provides 8 USB Connections: 4 root hubs (6x USB 2.0, 2x USB 1.0), so technically there are 5 spare USB from the chipset, and this is everything became complicated, on the mother board there are 2 “Acer headers” that i am able to determined to be USB signals:

1 header has GPIO pin and i am able to determine it is for the front Bluetooth switch, so that goes to Bluetooth, since the switch control the entire root hub, there is no point to connect other devices to this root hub, so 2x USB down (3 more to go)

1 header is near the front, and only provide 3.3V and 300mA, while the Acer 5100 webcam is indeed 3.3V but require 400mA-450mA, this took me few hours to figure it out, as it works intermit, and sometime just gives me unidentified device and sometimes unknown device. At the end i replaced with Lenovo 3000 1.3 Mpixel webcam. and steal the +5Vcc from some place else. 1x USB down (2 more to go)

the last 2 one is unused, the other one is connected to Microsoft MCE remote’s receiver.

also the Fuji HDD is not the stander 9.5mm height but 12mm height, which took some effort to get it working



Summary Specs:

Turion X2 TL-60 2.0Ghz dual core
4GB DDR2 PC5400
ATI Radeon X1150 256MB Hyper Memory
Fuji 250GB 4200rpm HDD
Dual touch display

100_3325 100_3328  100_3330
LCD Logic/power board with USB and power Webcam Acer Webcam Case with Lenovo GUTS
 100_3333 100_3334 100_3335
Webcam Finish Webcam Finish 2 Build Stage
100_3337 100_3338 100_3339
Build Stage 2 Build Stage 3 Touch System MK-II Vanta (Single Display)
100_3340 100_3341 100_3342
Touch System MK-II Vanta (Single Display) 2 Touch System MK-II Vanta (Single Display) 3 Touch System MK-II Vanta (Single Display) 4
100_3343 100_3344 100_3345
Touch System MK-II Hydra (Complete) Touch System MK-II Hydra (Complete) 2 Touch System MK-II Hydra (Complete) 3
Touch System MK-II Hydra (Complete) 4    




4 comments on “Touch System MK-II (Hydra)

  1. Haha awsome.If there\’s video.. then I can get to see how this new toy works in action :)If your lab is close by, I\’ll certainly pay it a visit.Interesting diagnostics on the USB standard & the voltage difference. These vendors… keep using these minor "hardware workarounds" to launch products.Overall, very cool to put it together.How\’s the touch sensibility? What OS do you use to support the touch?

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  3. Hello! I’ve been following your web site for some
    time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Dallas
    Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the great work!

    • wow… thanks, i havn’t update the content for a long long time (4 years?), life got extremely busy when you have family and job… i hope i will update not far into future

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