Touch System MK-III Demoing


I was able to complete and tested in the first stage of Touch System MK-III Tabletop on Saturday, February, 12th around 10 pm.

through this week (February 14-17)p my school has an innovation week and project presentation in the university main hall (Algora). it has been generated a lot of interest and traffic in my booth, and here is some photo taken on day one.

and this has been a long and tiring week!

TabelTop Flyer:

Touch System MK-III (Table Top)

Scalable multi-user, multi-touch, and limitless possibilities.


– 2.5D virtual platform, with pressure sensitive. (X, Y, limited Z)

– Multi-touch with pressure sensitive.

– Multi-object tracking with objects identifications.

– Multi-purpose system for different applications and usability.

– Cross platform system with no boundary (Windows, Linux, OS X … etc.)

– Scalable features and expendability.

Development stage:

Alpha (current stage)

– Proof of concept.

– Functionality.

– Simple touch inputs.


– Fine tuning on touch accuracy.

– Object identification.

Release Candidates 1:

– Additional feature (multi-color markers).

– Fully functional multimedia bay and storage.

– Adjustment from community feedback.


Designer: Allen C. Pan
Co-Designer: Matthew Ludvigson
Paul Wawrzonkowski
Advisor: Robert Moore



– Improve motor skill for children and adults with autism.

– Liquid HP and identification.

– Virtual 3D simulation such as surgery and diagnostic.

– Improve learning sill for children disability.


– Goods and service purchasing.

– Drink and object identification and payment.

– Fully functional multimedia bay and storage.

– Adjustment from community feedback.


– 3D modeling and design. (Thanks to Z-Axis and height awareness).

– Push and pull ability for engineering and scientific application.

Liberal Arts:

– Multiple digital art creation with brush thickness (pressure sensitive and z-axis)


– Table Top

– Interactive Multiuser Whiteboard

– Dance floor

– Boxed or box less packaging and deployment.



CIMG3885 CIMG3886 CIMG3887
Photo1 Photo2 Photo3


Here are some videos of the demo, do note, it does have Z-axis and does not need to physical touch the system. as it also has presser sensitivities as well!

Demo 0 Demo 1
Demo 2 Demo 3