Last year 2010-2011 LU FSAE Photo


since people keep asking for photo and info about it, here you ago, if you need more detail contact me again.

(i been with the team since we started so 3 years now, and I manage the digital embedded engineering team. I design the car’s digital/embedded system every year.

as last year we got the highest innovation award on my design, as I design a digital car system which – –

– wireless MIMO access, allows the pit team or any team members to monitor different parts of the car on fly and modify it on fly, meaning we can tune the car during race and even stall the engine remotely

– Driver user experience, i utilize “any” mobile device Android, IOS as dashboard, and each driver can customize the dashboard the way they like it, we have Ipod Touch, Iphone, Samsung Galaxy as well

– Customized and 250mW wifi RF signal, this is my other pride an joy, heavily modified Linksys router with my own design of Band pass RF filter, 6 Antenna design and channel isolation/noise filtering






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