[!!!] what do you do with 60V DC?


[WTB] Micro-ATX DDR2 AM3/2+ Urgent!!!
must have the following:
– AM2+/AM3 Socket
– 4x DDR2 Slots
– Micro-ATX

Backgroud i just killed my mobo by a LED light bulb, i was trying to control a 60V DC full bridge rectifier LED light bulb through PWM with PowerMOS, with multiple PIC 18F4520, intercommunicate using SPI and control through RS232 to USB, and USB to my mobo,

guess what, my PowerMOS which was rated 60V (where my full bridge rectifier DC output is only 59.3 V) went Vsg on me, meaning the entire 60V instead of going source to drain, it went into my gate, and pump 60V to everything along the way and my poor mobo was the final destination of ultimate grounding….

long story short, i really, really, really ^n need my labstation back online, someone please have a board that i can use…..


so how 60Vdc Travels?

60 Vdc -> PowerFET -> PIC18F4520 (Slave) -> SPI -> PIC18F4520 (Master) ->TTL -> TTL to RS232 -> RS232 to USB -> USB -> Mobo