Touch System MK-1 (Tablet) Revisit 2


After countless hours of hair-pulling and all the troubleshooting it turn out that the touch panel I had on the Tablet has manufacture defect, as result of that, one of the micro-wire that is embedded in the film, I replaced with another one, and guess what, it works perfect!

and I accidentally discovered how to create a feedback from this resistive panel, by applying another layer of 3M transparent film, now it has a static feedback!! and a shinning finish, also I updated the HDD to a Intel X-25M 160GB, and wow the performance sky rocketed! and also another 16GB Storage SSD on PCI-express.

Updated Specs2!

CPU:         Intel Core 2 Duo T9300
Screen:     Samsung 15.4 WSXGA 1680*1080 (Mat and Ultra High Resolution)
Ram:        2* 2GB OCZ PC-6400 DDR2
HDD:       Intel X25-M 160GB SATA2 SSD
HDD:       SuperTalent 16GB Mini-express SSD
VGA:        Nvidia Geforce 8400m GS (with Copper Mod)
DVD:        NEC/Sony 16X DVDRW
Wifi (1):    Intel 4965 abgn Mini-PCI-EX
Wifi (2):    BCM 49321 abgn Mini-PCI-EX
PAN:        Toshiba Bluetooth 2.2 EDR
Cam:        2.0 Mega Pixel
Others:     4 Wire 25 Points Resistive Touch Screen
                4D Motion Controller
                NEC USB 2.0 Hub
                Mod to Clock Generator to accept 1066Mhz or higher
OS:           Mac OS X Snow Leopard
                Windows 7 Ultimate
                Ubuntu 10.04

Upload pic later today