Touch System MK-III Demoing


I was able to complete and tested in the first stage of Touch System MK-III Tabletop on Saturday, February, 12th around 10 pm.

through this week (February 14-17)p my school has an innovation week and project presentation in the university main hall (Algora). it has been generated a lot of interest and traffic in my booth, and here is some photo taken on day one.

and this has been a long and tiring week!

TabelTop Flyer:

Touch System MK-III (Table Top)

Scalable multi-user, multi-touch, and limitless possibilities.


– 2.5D virtual platform, with pressure sensitive. (X, Y, limited Z)

– Multi-touch with pressure sensitive.

– Multi-object tracking with objects identifications.

– Multi-purpose system for different applications and usability.

– Cross platform system with no boundary (Windows, Linux, OS X … etc.)

– Scalable features and expendability.

Development stage:

Alpha (current stage)

– Proof of concept.

– Functionality.

– Simple touch inputs.


– Fine tuning on touch accuracy.

– Object identification.

Release Candidates 1:

– Additional feature (multi-color markers).

– Fully functional multimedia bay and storage.

– Adjustment from community feedback.


Designer: Allen C. Pan
Co-Designer: Matthew Ludvigson
Paul Wawrzonkowski
Advisor: Robert Moore



– Improve motor skill for children and adults with autism.

– Liquid HP and identification.

– Virtual 3D simulation such as surgery and diagnostic.

– Improve learning sill for children disability.


– Goods and service purchasing.

– Drink and object identification and payment.

– Fully functional multimedia bay and storage.

– Adjustment from community feedback.


– 3D modeling and design. (Thanks to Z-Axis and height awareness).

– Push and pull ability for engineering and scientific application.

Liberal Arts:

– Multiple digital art creation with brush thickness (pressure sensitive and z-axis)


– Table Top

– Interactive Multiuser Whiteboard

– Dance floor

– Boxed or box less packaging and deployment.



CIMG3885 CIMG3886 CIMG3887
Photo1 Photo2 Photo3


Here are some videos of the demo, do note, it does have Z-axis and does not need to physical touch the system. as it also has presser sensitivities as well!

Demo 0 Demo 1
Demo 2 Demo 3




Touch System MK-III TableTop


This is a “ME TOO” but much much cheaper version of Microsoft’s Surface Multi-Users, Multi-Touch, System.


1 x World First 720P pico-projector, with complete LED and low wattage —- $175.00
1 x Broken/Beat up Dell XPS 1530, Semi-beef up 
— $35.00 (4GB SODIMM)
1 x Old Microsoft NX-6000 Webcam with IR filter removed
— $FREE or FleaBay for $25.00
200 x 5mm 850nm IR LEDs
— $15.00
1 x 46” * 27” Enlighten Acrylic Sheet / 8mm Z
— $250.00
3 x Full Sheets of 3/8” plywood
— $45.00
1 x Scrape Aluminum / Channels 
— $10.00
4 x 2 * 2 studs 
— $12.00
1 x 180” Theater grade projection sheet 1.6 Gain for either back/front projection
— $120.00


Crew Member:

Allen, Matt, Paul


(from January 14 – 17) 4 days of work

SANY0867 SANY0893 SANY0896
Pico Projector Trial 1 – S Al Frame (1) (2)
SANY0898 SANY0897 SANY0899
My Dog House! (1) My Dog House! (2) Laptop Mount
SANY0900 SANY0902 SANY0903
Projector Mount Laptop on the Mount (1) Laptop on the Mount (2)
SANY0906 SANY0907 SANY0908
Projector on the Mount (1) Projector on the Mount (2) Mounting Panel
SANY0910 SANY0909 SANY0912
300 LED Mounting Holes (per .5”) LED mount – predrilled LED mount, LED fitting

(from January 18 – 21) 4 days of work

SANY0917 SANY0918 SANY0920
Completed LED Mount drilled (1) (2) (3)
SANY0921 SANY0922 SANY0923
With all the LED fitted (1) With all the LED fitted (2) With all the LED fitted (3)
SANY0924 SANY0925 SANY0926
Control Panel Cabin (1) Control Panel Cabin (2) Control Panel Cabin (3)
SANY0927 SANY0929 SANY0931
LED Strips Wired (1) LED Strips Wired (2) LED Strips Wired (3)
SANY0932 SANY0933 SANY0934
Completed LED strip (1) Completed LED strip (2) Completed LED strip (3)
SANY0935 SANY0936 SANY0937
With Acrylic and Sheet on under the hood in the cabinet
SANY0938 SANY0939 SANY0940
    Test Run (1)
SANY0941 SANY0942 SANY0944
Test Run (2) Test Run (3) Test Run (4)
SANY0945 SANY0946  
Test Run (5) Test Run (6)